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Damn. It’s that day of the year: Injury Day

The day before yesterday I injured my back doing some dead lifts. I have no idea how it happened. My only supposition is that I hadn’t properly warmed up my lumbar muscles. I was doing 50 repetitions with a light load (110 lbs.). My form was good, I believe. All of a sudden, I hear this sound in the left side of my lower back, and feel like an electric charge going through the tendons right behind my left knee. Long story short: in a few hours I was unable to bend and touch the tips of my toes with my hands.

I still don’t know how bad the situation is: my physiotherapist has already started treating me with some manipulations, and I’m feeling better in terms of pain (though certainly far from being 100% good), so I think that’s a good sign… Before pronouncing himself any further, he wants to wait and see how I react to this treatment, but he believes that had it been something really serious like a slipped disc, I probably would have been stuck in bed the next day. Nonetheless, he wasn’t pleased with the accident I described.


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